b'Commercial WarrantyThis Warranty covers window and door products manufactured by VPI Quality Windows Inc. (VPI) and sold forinstallation in a multi-family or mixed-use building (Product). VPI will provide for repair or supply a replacementpart for any Product it confirms to contain a defect in materials or workmanship that causes a significantimpairment in operation or performance, as detailed below. This Warranty covers the original purchaser of theProduct from VPI through the original owner of the building into which the Product is installed. The Warranty willtransfer one subsequent building owner for 5 years from Product installation.Frame/Non-Glass Components. For 10 years from installation, VPI will at its option repair or supply a replacementpart for a Product with a defect in the frame or non-glass component. VPI will provide skilled labor for 2 years afterinstallation. Skilled labor is defined as repair or replacement requiring special training or tools to complete. From 3to 10 years, VPI will provide replacement parts only with shipment to the building where Product is installed.Glass. For 10 years from installation, VPI will supply a replacement insulated glass unit (IGU) and labor for an IGUwith seal failure, or interpane dusting or misting, which causes obstruction of vision. Laminated and Monolithic glassare covered for only 5 years. Condensation on any outer surfaces of the IGU is not a defect and is not covered.Finishes. For 10 years from installation, VPI will at its option repair the finish or supply replacement components forProduct with factory-applied finish that peels, blisters, or flakes under normal use and conditions. From 11 to 20years, VPI will repair, replace or refund 33% of the VPI sale price for the affected Product in full satisfaction.VPI is not responsible for repair or replacement of materials or components other than the VPI Product.Replacement parts may not be an aesthetic match to the original. If VPI determines that repair or replacement isnot practical or cannot be timely made, it may refund the VPI sale price of the affected Product in full satisfaction.This Warranty is not extended by any service, cannot be assigned, and can only be modified by a writing signed byan officer of VPI.This Warranty does not cover, and VPI shall have no liability for, conditions related to or caused in whole or part by:Product aging, normal wear and tear, misuse or abuse; lack of care or maintenance; discoloration or weatheringwhich causes surfaces to gradually fade, chalk or darken; or Product that has been removed and reinstalled.Storage, handling, or breakage; damage to Product from any external source.Installation of Product, building movement or settling; an application exceeding design capacity or violatingcode or project specifications; Product installed in a non-vertical plane or removed and reinstalled; Product builtoutside standard size limitations; alteration or modification of the Product; Product not paid for in full.Individual Product variation in any tested performance results.Minor imperfections or wavy distortion in the glass that do not impair structural integrity. Wavy distortions or colordifferences caused by interlayer of laminated glass or heat strengthening are not defects.Hardware function in corrosive environments, including within two miles of salt water; heat build-up (e.g. films,storm windows, storage in uncontrolled containers, solar heat reflection); or use of solvents or exterior finishes.Claims. To make a claim, provide all information requested online at https://vpiwindows.com/contact-technical-services.php. VPI will investigate a completed claim and respond in a timely manner. VPI shall have no legalobligation unless it first receives proper notice of a claim within the coverage period and an opportunity toperform.Disclaimers/Exclusions. This Warranty is the sole and exclusive remedy with respect to VPI Product regardless oflegal theory, and in no event shall VPIs liability exceed the VPI sale price of the affected Product. VPI makes nowarranties or representations other than contained in this Warranty. ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS ORIMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY WITH RESPECT TO MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULARPURPOSE, ARE DISCLAIMED. VPI SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL, INDIRECT ORSPECIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND. Some states do not allow the disclaimer of implied warranties or exclusion ofincidental and consequential damages, so these disclaimers or exclusions may not apply to you. This Warrantygives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary from state to state.Effective 5/10/18Project Name: Comments: Vinyl Windows & DoorsProject Address:VPI Quality Windows3420 E. Ferry Ave.Spokane, WA99202 City:State:Zip: Service Department Info: (888) 634-1478info@vpiwindows.comSubmittal Creation Date:41'