b'NEW & IMPROVED!Envision WindowCommercial Inward Projecting Windows for Retrofit and New ConstructionThe Envision Window system offers exceptional design, flexibility, and performanceto meet the vigorous demands of today\'s mid to high-rise building market. Availablein a variety of colors and configurations, Envision Windows combine the energyefficiency of rigid vinyl with the robust strength needed for high-wind loadapplications.Strength & BeautyLeak-proof fusion welded corners and warm condensation resistant vinyl frames areavailable in fixed, hopper and inswing casement configurations (or combinations ofeach), offering a superior option to the commercial window market.Improved Strength & PerformanceHeavier walls on frame and integral T-bar provides greater rigidityImproved sound performanceStreamlined InstallationIntegral nailing flange for ease of installation and water barrier1" Nailfin setbackGreater FlexibilityNew hingemore design configurationsEasily adjustablewww.vpiwindows.com12 (800) 634-1478 | info@vpiwindows.com3420 E. Ferry, Spokane, WA99202'