b'CO-EXTRUDED EXTERIOR COLOR TECHNOLOGY12X HARDER THAN COMPETITIVE PAINT COATINGSWHEN THE HEAT IS ON,SuperCapSR PERFORMS Historically, darker colored vinyl windows have experienced distortion due to heat build-up; not only in hot climates but in most direct sun exposures, especially at higher altitude. Drawing upon military infrared heat-reflective technology, SuperCapSR co-extruded exterior color technology absorbs less heat to prevent profile distortion. The SuperCapSRprocess creates a tough thermally-fused acrylic color layer that becomes integral to the profile for superior color retention performance.CUTTING-EDGE COLOR TECHNOLOGY Superior exterior color technology for vinyl andcomposite window and door systems. Proprietary solar heat-reflective performance reflects 76% of infrared light to reduce vinylprofile heat gain; excellent fade resistance. Maintain profile dimension integrity by reducingsolar heat build-up. Co-extruded process provides a permanent,molecular-bonded acrylic color layerintegralto the profilethat is highly scratch resistant. Durable colors will not crack, chip, flake orchalk, which is why SuperCapSR is backed byour industry-leading warranty.A NEW WAY TO DIFFERENTIATESuperCapSR Architectural Bronze on vinyl frame and muntins Actual lab thermal image photoYOUR BRAND Through adopting the SuperCapSR color technology you will further differentiate your brand, seize the opportunity to appeal among color-conscious customers, and gain a profitable up-sell opportunity.36'