b'Surface #1 #2 #3 #4Essentials of Manufacturing Outdoors IndoorsLong-Lasting IG UnitsWhat makes a long-lasting IG unit? Desiccated Airspace 1. Material Selection (Air or Argon)The sealant(s) used to bond glass to the spacer system isthe most important material used in IG unit construction.The sealant(s) must resist temperature extremes, UV radiation,moisture ingress into the airspace and retain any inert gasin the airspace; i.e., argon. Cardinal has chosen a dual sealsystem with polyisobutylene (PIB) as the primary seal andsilicone as the secondary seal.In addition to sealant choice, spacer design and processingare also important. Cardinal uses four bent corners in ourconstruction which requires only one joint in the spacer. Manyother IG manufacturers use corner keys to attach the fourspacer pieces together. Four joints instead of one significantly Sightlineincreases the potential for moisture ingress into the IG unit.2. WorkmanshipCritical to IG unit longevity is fabrication consistency. Theremust be no voids allowed in the seal system. Cardinals Double-Pane Figure 27-1unique Intelligent Quality Assurance Program virtuallyeliminates anomalies in the fabrication process. All inspectionsrely on carefully calibrated scientific instrumentation, soresults are objective. In addition, Cardinal manufactures Cardinal IGUnit Constructionits own production equipment to ensure that units are Cardinal IG units consist of two or threefabricated with consistent high quality. lites of glass separated by an inorganicmetal spacer (Figures 27-1 and 28-1).3. How the Units Are Glazed Spacer corners are bent to be air/gas tight.If an IG unit sits in water or the seal system is overstressed, The spacer contains desiccant whichthere is no unit construction that will deliver long-term adsorb the moisture vapor within performance. Cardinal believes that our dual seal construction the airspace. is the most versatile IG seal system because of its excellentweatherability. In fact, in both real-world and simulated weather- The dual seal construction has a primary seal of polyisobutyleneing conditions, Cardinals dual seal system outperforms other (PIB) and a secondary seal of silicone. Cardinal certifies allIG unit constructions. units through the IGCC (Insulating Glass Certification Council)Program, and has met the requirements of the IGMA (InsulatingGlass Manufacturers Alliance) Certification Program.A Primary Seal: Polyisobutylene (PIB) minimizes moisturepermeation and provides one of the lowest argon permeationrates of all known sealants. 38'