b'Surface #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6Outdoors IndoorsDesiccated AirspaceDesiccated Airspace (Air or Argon) (Air or Argon)SightlineTriple-Pane Figure 28-1B Secondary Seal: Specially formulated silicone for IG units Insulating Glass Guide Specificationsprovides long-term adhesion. Silicones, due to their non- The following guide specification is recommended for organic nature, are the most resistant sealants in the window specifying insulating glass units:industry to the negative effects of UV and moisture. Silicone A. Glassis recognized as the best sealant for resisting weathering andFloat glass. Specify clear, heat absorbing, oradhering to glass substrates. Because of its structural prop- Lo, Lo 2 or Lo 3 .erties, silicone provides structural integrity of the IG units.C Spacer: Stainless steel spacer features a roll formed B. Dual Sealdesign providing maximum area for primary and secondaryPIB Primary Sealsealant coverage. It provides increased resistance to Silicone Secondary Sealcondensation and less stress on IG seal system. Bent Bent Cornerscorners completely seal the spacer periphery to eliminate C. Argon Fillmoisture vapor transmission into the airspace through corners.D Desiccant: Molecular sieve creates a frost point belowD. Certified in accordance with ASTM SpecificationE-2190 through:-85 F. Cardinals 3 angstrom desiccant assures optimumInsulating Glass Certification Council (IGCC)moisture adsorption while minimizing the effects of geometryand temperature-related pressure changes.Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA)39'